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YouTube Ads Agency

Drive Growth On The World’s Biggest Video Sharing Platform

More than 2 billion monthly users go to YouTube to watch almost 5 billion videos every day. By tapping into this market, you can spread vital brand awareness and send your sales skyrocketing. And we at Viera Media will get you there. With all our know-how, we can help you optimize your efficiency, improve your ROI, and put you in a league of your own.

Powerful YouTube Advertising Strategies

Helping Ethical Brands Reach More Customers on YouTube

Our experienced team has provided consistent and reliable growth for brands across the world.

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Increase Your YouTube Ad Revenue

Conscious Brand Growth Via YouTube Ads


Grow Your Company’s Brand With YouTube Ad Services

We know that creating the perfect YouTube marketing campaign isn’t about just one thing. That’s why we offer comprehensive advertising services that are bound to meet your needs. With plenty of experience under our belts as a leading YouTube growth agency, we can give you everything you need to improve your sales all in one convenient place.

With our advanced lead tracking you can keep tabs on your prospects and their engagement with your brand, while customized monthly reporting lets you see what’s working and what has to go. All of this will be overseen by an experienced account manager, but you and you alone will have ownership of your ad account.


Inside our YouTube Advertising Services

The online world is an ever-changing landscape, and we know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why our team receives regular training, to ensure that we’ll never get caught out when something shifts.

We keep a constant eye on what’s new and provide clear, convenient tracking metrics to help you stay on-trend. We also promise excellent communication and collaboration from our end, always, and to keep everything from pricing to reporting completely transparent. That way, you’ll always feel in the loop.

Conscious YouTube Advertising

As one of the top YouTube marketing companies, we like to think we know the platform pretty well by now. We’ve honed and streamlined our services to find what works best, so we can guarantee that our guidance will get you the clicks and conversion rates you’ve been dreaming of.

Listen To Important YouTube Conversations

Knowing what people talk about on-site is a vital part of any successful YouTube eCommerce marketing strategy. And we have the tools you need to always keep one ear to the conversation. We can offer unlimited saved searches for important keywords and hashtags, options to bookmark information for future reference, and the ability to comment and collaborate on the results of your listening.

Schedule Your YouTube Videos

Marketing a business takes time. So why not make the most of our time-saving scheduling tools? Giving you the almighty power to schedule your videos and easily manage your publishing calendar, they’re something that the best eCommerce YouTube channels should never do without.

Manage All Your YouTube Conversations From One Simple Box

It’s not just about what YouTube users are talking about, though. It’s about how you engage in the conversation, too. With our centralized communication hub, you’ll get access to our optimized reply features and convenient community management options all in one easy-to-use place.

Monitor YouTube On The Go

You don’t have to be sat at your monitor to stay on top of your YouTube marketing campaign. With our mobile app management capabilities, you can check in on trends, keep tabs on ongoing conversations, and quickly reply to messages in your inbox on your Android or iOS smartphone.

YouTube Advertising Performance

YouTube Ads Strategy

YouTube video marketing companies don’t have to stick to just one advertising strategy. You can get better reach and improved engagement if you opt for a holistic approach. At Viera Media, we offer a wide variety of features at various price points, so you can tailor your campaign to exactly what your brand needs.

Video Ad Placements & Management

We make it easy to sort out ad placements on YouTube videos. Whether you’d prefer to display your ads on-screen over a video, during ad breaks or at the end of a clip, our ad management tools can help you.

Cross-Channel Tracking

Your YouTube marketing strategy should accelerate interest and motivate viewers to find out more about your brand. If you want to see how your ad campaign is impacting your other social channels, we can show you exactly how many people you’re hooking in and driving to other pages.

Video Ad Tracking & Reporting

You should always know what’s doing well. With our ad tracking features and transparent reporting, you can see which of your YouTube ads has garnered the most views, gained the most impressions and, most importantly, encouraged the most conversions.

YouTube Channel Setup & Management

Not quite sure where to start? Not a problem. We understand that setting up a channel can be a daunting business, especially if it’s your first time. But with our wealth of experience to back you up, that won’t matter.

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Why Work With Our Experts?

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube isn’t all just cat videos and music. There is actually an out-of-this-world array of content available for people to find and enjoy at their leisure. So whatever business you run or industry you work in, there will be a place for you to advertise on YouTube.

Access To A Larger Audience

YouTube attracts huge numbers of people with very specific interests. If you want to get your ads out in front of more people, then we can help you do that. With an in-depth knowledge of targeted advertising, our experts will help you find the right people in the greatest numbers.

Better Engagement Rate

A well-targeted audience is more likely to engage with an advert and the brand behind it. Not to mention the fact that audio-visual advertising on YouTube is especially likely to grab someone’s attention, when it’s done well. And believe us when we say that we know how to do it well.

Better Lead Generation

We aren’t new to the social media marketing game. We know what sort of content generates leads and how to use marketing to drive interest. It just so happens to help that YouTube is likely to get you more leads than most other major platforms anyway.

Insights And Data To Check Ad Campaign Performance

The tracking metrics we use are simple to understand. And if they’re simple to understand, they’re simple to act on. With easy access to your view rates, impressions and more, you’ll always know exactly how your content is performing, and how it could be better.

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Ready to work with
our Conscious YouTube Ads Agency?