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Win Big at Audience Nurturing- The Ultimate Guide to The New Marketing Era

The saturation of e-commerce markets is getting overwhelming- especially for brands with a large focus on digital media. New players are consistently entering the market and using their new-found expertise to steal market share.

For some global brands, this is worrisome- largely because their infrastructure is too stiff, making them unable to pivot easily. However, up and coming brands can immediately focus on building a new infrastructure that is congruent with newer methods- enabling them to make significant leaps and compete.

One of the most important of these methods that can be exercised by any brand is how well it can nurture its audiences- even if members of those audiences have not made a purchase yet.

As a matter of fact, nurturing your audience should be a top 5 priority.

Audience nurturing can get you significantly ahead of your competition- largely because the majority of your competition is not doing it properly anymore by not moving with the times.

A Shift in Media Consumption – What Is Old News?

We are seeing a significant shift in how brand audiences are reached in all digital marketing channels. Older strategies such as organic social media and email marketing leverage are becoming less effective and relevant to winning brands.

While 3rd world countries develop greater access to technology, social media platforms, and email channels are becoming increasingly saturated with users, making its competitive nature more stifling as many more compete to get their content seen in consumer feeds. This has resulted in what we know as cost-per-click inflation, where paid media costs are rising on all platforms.

Viera Media‘s own clients have seen success in the early stages precisely because they knew where not to place their budget and time, allowing them to maximize return-on-investment on their high performing channels.

In other words, organic social media and email marketing leverage is not a part of the 20% of your total investment that will generate 80% of your income anymore. Media hackers redirect resources into the 20% long before it becomes an industry giant, subsequently catapulting brands into leaders in their markets. In other words, staying ahead of the curve.

What Are Winning Brands Doing Now?

Paid content placement is not just a way for brands to reach their audiences more frequently, but it’s most importantly a way for them to mass personalize their reach.

Whereas you would post content regularly and drive organic traffic to your page in the past, winning brands are now mass personalizing by investing in the private distribution of content to their audience’s direct message inboxes, thus creating a stronger connection.

This is becoming especially prominent with Facebook and Instagram chatbots, as well as LinkedIn sponsored direct messages.

These shifts are happening more and more rapidly. A new trend that has recently surfaced- but that many have not heard about- is called “Dark Social”. This is a term that defines social media as being dark, since the content will eventually be privately provided, as opposed to it being available in the public light.

The Viera Media team has even seen brands who have almost entirely shifted their investment to paid advertisements while creating a poster out of their Instagram profile grid. The paid advertisements are ways to not only drive direct buyers to their stores but to also acquire subscribers for private content. In other words, paid advertising for private content consumers and sales.

The Winning Formula For Nurturing Your Audience

Targeted mass personalization is key for significant returns on investment in 2020.

Consumers have been bombarded with so many sales offers, that they now expect more privacy. They expect an experience catered to them and them only. With the latest technology, Viera Media and other media hackers are now able to create a unique experience for every user on a massive scale and in turn, make them more loyal consumers.

Viera Media has successfully leveraged the newest and latest technology to create these effects for global brands, and we hope to help many more brands with a rapidly growing team.

We are very motivated to help impactful brands succeed. But above all, we are most passionate about socially conscious brands- brands that make a positive difference in our culture, environment, and human standards of living. If we can 3-10x these brands’ targets and wins, our purpose has been accomplished.