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Website Design Services

We Design to Convert

In this age of socials and multiple marketing channels, it’s surprisingly easy to forget that your website is the face of your business. We help you develop the website; your business deserves!

Build a seamless experience that

Looks like a million bucks

We helped these clients build a website that landed the customers of their dreams without ever seeming to try.

Build a site that

Steals the deal

By the time someone lands on your site, they are already halfway interested in your brand. This first interaction builds the baseline of trust that you will have with the customer for the rest of the journey. It’s your website’s job to take that initial interest and turn it into a conviction. Your landing page needs to make that magic happen with subtle optimizations that are ‘just right’ for your target audience. It is one of the ultimate conversions and user engagement tools in your arsenal.

Get them

Before they blink

3 seconds.

That’s all you have before a potential lead loses interest and clicks on something else. You may have the most aesthetically pleasing site on the planet, but it won’t serve any purpose even your customers move away before it manages to load.

Viera can help you build beautiful websites that are guaranteed to load under 3 seconds and have a PSI score of 90. 

Let your UX/UI

Leave a better aftertaste

Whatever your business needs may be, our crack visual design team can overhaul the look and feel of your site to its very core. Flawlessly executed UI/UX ensures that your customers barely notice its functionality. That’s exactly what you want as you need your customers focused on your products/ services – not your site experience.

At Viera, we understand that and craft a website that plays the critical role in cementing the credibility of your brand. Website design and usability is not just a matter of getting aesthetics right. It sets the tone for how and what you want your customers to see and feel as they browse through.

Build a site that compels your customers to want to stay for a while.

Our Tools

We have proven expertise in growing businesses with Shopify, WordPress, Netsuite, Magento, WooCommerce and more. We use platforms like Azure and Google that can ensure scalability with minimal or zero downtimes for our clients.

Scale your business site

With zero down-time

You want a website that stays young and agile as your business turns corners of growth. You should always be proactive rather than letting your clients deal with load times because your website is still hosted by a managed service or, your customers are trying to access your for-desktop site with their mobile devices.

Especially with e-commerce sites, you need to start with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that decouples site read/ write functions making results appear faster even as your site scales and query load increases. Slowing write speeds can be addressed through queues and asynchrony.

Shared hosting is fine as a start point for budding businesses, but you should plan to transition quickly to private servers or dedicated hosting. You should always choose your host based on scalability options available. The service should also ensure redundancy.

Webmasters here at Viera always plan for partitioning before building websites as transitioning later can prove to be very challenging. Vertical scaling is easier, but horizontal scaling can be equally painless if planned before. Planning before can also save you the headache of slowing speeds as the site load increases. There are multiple ways to ensure faster speeds including load balancing, caches, proxies, indexes and much more.

Building a future-proof, easily scalable website architecture takes planning and proven expertise.

See how we can help you with both.

Here’s how we enervate your aging site

  • Create a demonstrable compelling argument through unique value propositions as to why your business is offering the best deal/ quality/ service
  • Improved browsing (UI/UX) experience and readability
  • Craft strong CTAs that convince your buyers to choose you. Always.
  • Rewrite/ modify content to improve traffic and conversions
  • Trim the fat from your site so your buyers can focus on just what they want
  • Enable seamless transitioning across devices
  • Improve overall site fluidity, user experience and accessibility for customers

Build a website that guarantees

Growth with peace of mind

We have talked constantly about conversions and growth. And they in evidently come with strong security protocols to protect your site and business from malicious activities.

E-commerce sites are lucrative targets for hackers. You may be worried about data security, but the more frequent ‘minor’ attacks you will come across will simply attempt to send spam mails from your servers or use it as a distribution center for malicious files. Ransomware, SQL injection and trying to recruit your servers as part of a botnet are common too. Most of these attacks take advantage of known security vulnerabilities with automated scripts.

Viera has years of experience keeping our clients well ahead of potential security issues. You can potentially save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in mandatory security upgrades after an attack or, engage our experts today to stay ahead of them by planning well in advance.

Communication and Transparency

Pillars of our business strategy

Web development is more of a cycle that’s maintained by a stream of continuous back and forth feedback loops. We practice powerful correspondence, and that incorporates being responsive.

Transparency is similarly as imperative to us, and we have an open culture that guarantees customers are completely mindful of what is new with their activities.

Where a deferral may happen, we work with the customer to create proper arrangements, which may run from diminishing the task extension to expanding the cutoff time or different arrangements that may be accessible to tackle the issue.

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