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PR Agency

Media Solutions That Drive Real Growth

As a prime PR Agency, we help you reach the right target audience and enhance your media relations at a more impressive scale.

Our strategists take it upon themselves to vet all the trading platforms to ensure the delivery of brand-safe and engaging ads that drive your media relations to next level.

Viera Media's PR Arsenal

Get Your Brand The Recognition It Deserves


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Major Publications

A Holistic Approach Translating Into

Higher and Faster ROI

Driving the right media solutions can truly alter the perception of your brand.

At Viera, we ensure consistent, scalable results with your ROI in PR. We build your media investment capabilities from the grounds up in a sustainable manner that opens you up to a whole host of opportunities in creative media solutions.

Our strategists are assigned to clients in the long-term so, when they execute media & PR campaigns, it’s with the same surgical precision and care that an in-house team will drive.

We Pride Ourselves In

Mixed Media Marketing

The crux of a great media-marketing ensemble at any business is the relationships nurtured over years.

There are no automated systems involved here.

We have years of good, old-fashioned, one-on-one meetings with key media players and partners who are aligned with your values and can drive real impact for your brand.

A Cohesive Journey

PR Branding Strategy That Matters

Paid or Not

Reach Highly Segmented Audiences

Many businesses don’t take to media buying and planning as the entry cost remains high and the returns seem unpredictable. In fact, returns from cleverly executed strategic media spends can be much higher than a simple calculation of views and impressions.

With result-oriented planning, its impact goes beyond a simple numbers and analytics recount and can help you drive relatively ineffable substantial messaging among audiences where you want your voice heard.

Most importantly, the right media spends, and partnerships can help you establish a brand recall that goes way beyond the scope of returns from singular social campaigns and directly impacts bottom line.

Media Partners Are Growing and Growing

Grow Your Brand With Right Media Partners

Imagine taking your brand through growth stages pitched for the next 2-3 years in a matter of quarters. With Vera’s media strategists at your back, that level of brand enhancement is not a pipedream anymore.

We pride ourselves on our matchmaking ability in putting the right businesses together with the right media voices.

We don’t just vet our publisher partners for their reputation in the field but get down to the granular level by ensuring that the journalist(s) and key stakeholders involved have the right depth of voice to become the custodian of your PR and branding.

Integrated, Accessible, and Scalable

Media Solutions

Result-Oriented Planning With

Creative Media

The integration of media and social in the last few years has broadened the definition of paid media. The boundaries between organic and paid are thinner than they have ever been.

This opens the pathways for new and rising businesses to truly exploit the powers of media. All that you need is a team behind you with the right expertise and who are bold enough to test the boundaries of what’s possible in exciting, new ways.

At Viera, we handpick publisher partners who are the right fit for each of our client’s businesses and insist on all-hands-on-deck negotiations to ensure maximum clarity on messaging, brand guidelines, and expected returns.

Conquering User Acquisition

Bursting Your Campaign

With aggressive media curation techniques, Viera Media excels in revealing your campaign to the largest possible audience in just 24-48 hours.

Slightly different from the traditional ad install campaigns, the burst campaign creates a spiral of downloads in a time-intensive manner; increasing the app rank in the app scoring charts.

Burst campaign ultimately leads to organic downloads, enhanced exposure in search results, and low CPIs. So as opposed to spending your financial budget over some stretch of time, the burst crusade uses it to make the “burst impact”.

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Relationships You Can Bank While

Aiming More Brand Recognition

Irrespective of the current scale of your business, at Viera, you get those relationships seasoned and ready for you. Think of them as friends who will even tolerate you to test strategies in an RTB environment for efficacy before making significant commitments.

Strong, granular relationships can also help your business adapt to resilient media strategies in changing market dynamics. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What Sets Us Apart?

This Two-Dimensional Arsenal

Consistency: This way to deal with recurrence implies that we will run your promotions in a predictable timetable throughout the campaign: for instance, two advertisements for every week. This system is frequently utilized for products that are not occasional and require ordinary support to remain head of the brain.

Flighting: “Flights” allude to internment or rotating times of ads followed by stops in promoting on the channel inside and out. This methodology functions admirably for occasional items or for those with less advertisement financial plan. For instance, when there is an interruption in a flighted campaign on the television, we may decide to run print promotions.

Technological Revolution

The right mix of analytics and technologies depends on the right media strategy and not vice versa. We bring the best of analytics and technologies to the fore to help client’s businesses and use our data insights only to fetch you the results you want to see.

In addition, we also guide clients on priority spends and keep a strong quality analysis on all campaign traffic. We have centralized platforms encompassing a centralized technology foundation from which agencies can build and integrate other solutions. Through our integrated programmatic practices, you can oversee and refine the outcomes of marketing efforts.

Interested in testing the waters? We can set you up with a primary round of media consultation right away.

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Ready to work with
our Media & PR Agency?