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Socially Conscious Influencers That Inspire Change

Viera is the leading media company in influencer marketing for socially conscious, ethical, sustainable, and advocacy brands.  We’re on a mission to change the world by propelling brands like yours to the mainstream.

Aligned with Your Brand Identity

Meet Your Brand Ambassadors

It’s time to stop wasting money on unsuccessful influencer marketing campaigns.  Getting the right people to advocate for your brand is key to pushing out a message that resonates.  That’s what locks in a consistent, meaningful ROI. 

The truth is that not all influencers are what they seem.  At Viera, we only work with influencers who have an organic & engaged following, believe in our brand values, and are experts at connecting with people. 

We’ve developed one of the world’s most powerful influencer marketing programs and we’d love to use it to expand your brand’s digital footprint.

What Really Generates Change

Vanity Influence vs. Moral Influence

Embrace Moral Influence

The people who you choose to be ambassadors for your brand will be intimately tied to your brand’s identity and reputation.  So it’s important to use your moral compass when making these decisions.  Do you want your brand to be a symbol of vanity or of positive change?

Moral influencers choose to connect with your brand because they believe in supporting your vision and growth.  This is key if you want to inspire people to become loyal customers for life.  All of our influencers are carefully vetted to ensure that their actions, thoughts, and personality are on the same page as you.

Metrics that Move the Needle

Influencer marketing doesn’t mean anything unless it’s translating into increased engagement and ROI. That’s why we monitor and analyze every aspect of our influencer campaigns. Everything we do is optimized for building your audience and growing as a brand.

Influencer Marketing

Why Our 8,000 Influencers Will Elevate Your Brand


High Organic Engagement

Follower counts don’t mean anything if people are actively engaging with an influencer’s account.  But this is a two-way street – influencers need to be engaging with their followers too.  We only work with influencers who are savvy relationship aficionados.


Data-Driven Results

As always, data is a cornerstone of our influencer marketing strategy.  Influencers are known to make false claims about their follower counts, engagement, and reach.  We study the data and have carefully vetted each influencer in our database to ensure results that expand your digital footprint.


Moral Compass

Influencers on a mission to improve the world inspire much more engagement than vanity influencers.  We’ll connect you with our whole database to help your ethical brand build a powerful, motivated network of committed customers to fuel your growth.


Shared Values

We believe there’s strength in numbers.  Passionate influencers who share your values are the ones who’ll effectively communicate with your target audience.  There’s no better way to build a community around your brand and make it flourish.

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