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Trying to understand what media channels are going to generate the fastest growth for you can be quite tough. You are most likely going to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out while your competitors get ahead of you.

But, that is now over! Viera Media is the leading agency of brands like yours who care about making an impact. We help them find small and big wins as they grow their footprint on the planet.

The Result

We are changing the way that socially conscious brands grow.

Viera is the leading media company in growth strategies for socially conscious, green technology, ethical, and advocacy brands. We are on a mission to change the world with sustainable brands like yours.


How Are We Changing The Socially Conscious Mediascape?

Social Media Ads

Our strategies are executed with comprehensive technical skills and full transparency for you. With media buyers that have at least 7 years of experience running ads on any given social platform, Viera Media is equipped to elevate your revenue generation infrastructure to better returns on investment.

Influencer Marketing

Up-to-date influencer strategies are always a given with us. Our extensive network of influencers allows us to carefully cherry-pick public figures that exert moral influence as opposed to vanity influence to turn your prospects into lifetime customers.

Customer Nurturing Systems

Buying media is one way of expanding your brand. However, customer nurturing is as effective as ads are at growing your brand.

Often times, the main focus of brands is to acquire customers. However, the best brands acquire customers that they can nurture with email and reward programs. This enables more lucrative lifetime acquisition numbers.

Paid Search

Who doesn’t love capitalizing on intent-based marketing? Viera Media is equipped with extensive banks of the top converting keyword strategies for maximum revenue growth for those who know that they need you.

Vegan Food Brand Growth - Client Spotlight

Vana Life Foods

Vana Life Foods was founded by lifelong vegan- Krishan Walia. Krishan’s family has chosen to eat a plant-based diet for generations. Years ago, they have decided to share their family recipes with the world by creating instant-meal pouches that are preservative-free.

When they first approached us, they did not have an e-commerce presence to begin with. However, they already had a successful retail presence in Walmart, Costco, Target, Ralph’s, and many other retailers.

By starting fresh, Viera Media is assisting Vana Life Foods with:

  • Media buying (Facebook ads)
  • Operations assistance
  • Logistics optimization
  • Social media content
  • Video editing

Vana Life Foods is one of Viera Media’s favorite brands! Not only are they a great company providing great products, but they also want to help change the world with delicious plant-based foods that can help reduce people’s dietary carbon footprint. They are proof that plant-based food IS DELICIOUS!

Vegan Food Brand Growth - Client Spotlight

Joule Goddess

Joule Goddess is a brand founded by one of the most passionate founders that we know! Yvette Rose is a 47-year-old mom of a son born with a learning disability. After learning this about her son, she quickly learned that what she was putting in her body was of utmost importance.

When approaching us, she wanted to increase her footprint in e-commerce. In doing so, we have successfully managed:

  • Media buying (Facebook ads)
  • Logistics optimization
  • Video editing

By launching her “Gut-Mind Health” bars, Joule Goddess & Viera Media are aiming at helping women make smarter snacking choices. We love Joule Goddess!

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