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Born in Canada.

About Us.

We push humanity towards a sustainable and just future with the power of brands and influencers.

Viera Media was born out of a passionate desire to improve the world.  To shake up the status quo.  To elevate ideas, dreams, and visions that bring about real positive change.

Capitalism doesn’t have to built on endless profiteering that leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.  We believe that businesses can be founded on ethical, sustainable principles that seek to improve our world rather than exploit its resources.

Our founder Andrew recognized that ethical brands need to gain real momentum to shift industries and drive positive change in our economy.  In 2012 he made the big decision to drop out of his neuroscience degree and pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

Andrew hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back since.  What began as offering free marketing services to local businesses around Calgary has blossomed into a conscious global agency that’s amplifying results for brands across the world.

What do we believe in?

Our Constitution

We are extremely selective about the brands we work with.  We believe in the positive, viral impact that brands can have on our society and

we’re only interested in fueling those with a vision of positivity, growth, and sustainability.

This passion fuels our work, day in and day out.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

Data-Driven & Holistic Approach.

Our approach is holistic and centered around data.  There’s no guesswork in our process.  Every campaign is relentlessly monitored, analyzed, and optimized for success.

Work Integrity.

Ultimately, it’s all about using powerful growth hacking strategies to help enable ethical, sustainable, and conscious brands to have a larger impact on the world.  This is growth intelligence that soars.

Your Vision.

You bring the vision, we bring the tools and expertise to make it a reality.

Bound By a Purpose.

Our work is driven by a passion to make this world a better place.  That’s why we wake up inspired, invigorated, and dedicated every single day.

There’s never a dull moment in our office! We feel it. Our clients feel it. And together, we can spread a positive vision for the future.


Search Engine Optimization.

Content Marketing.

Email Marketing.

Full-Stack Development.

Front-End Development.


Influencer Marketing.


Facebook Ads.

Instagram Ads.

Google Ads.

YouTube Ads.

Snapchat Ads.

Pinterest Ads.

Outdoor Ads.

Broadcast Ads.

Print Advertising.

Public Relations.

Media Relations.

Social Media.

Crisis Management.

Corporate & Social Responsibility.

Employee Relations.

Public Affairs.

Community Relations.

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